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The End of Travel? Nah...Hold My Beer.

Although, announcements of "new" CDC guidelines appear to be never-ending, there really is a light at the end of this miserable tunnel we've all found ourselves in.  Whether your personal news source is CNN, CNBC, FOX, facebook or something else, you need only to scroll down a bit to find articles of encouragement regarding some positive news these days.  Nationally, overall new Covid cases and hospitalizations are declining, at a pretty significant rate.  Am I too optimistic?   Perhaps.  Having a positive attitude is imperative to our mental health; it's how we move forward in life.  It forces us to set goals and continue to move forward even when it seems there is no end to our turmoil in sight.     Some of you may think the new CDC guidelines will destroy the travel industry permanently, not so fast.  This is literally our industry's "hold my beer" moment.  The "unknown" is what has had us all feeling helpless and hopeless. The new guideline

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